Social Reform

c. 1803  Hannah Kinney’s Records of the Newark Female Charitable Society, 1803-1804.

1846   Martha Washington Salem Union No. 6., Daughters of Temperance, a portion of the charter of an early women’s temperance union, 1846.

c. 1850s   Dorothea Lynde Dix (1802-1887), an internationally celebrated reformer of care for the mentally ill.

1854   Mary Paul’s letter from the North American Phalanx, describes her life and work in the community, 1854.

c. 1901   The Clara Barton School, Bordentown, from a postcard c.1920.

1903   Newark Female Charitable Society, 1903.

1913   “Some Things Accomplished at Whittier House” 19th annual Report of Whittier House.

1915   Whittier House Playground for children, 1915.

1915   Whittier House Kindergarten Class, 1915.

c. 1917   Mary Philbrook (1872-1958) became the first New Jersey woman lawyer to gain admittance to the bar in 1895 as a result of an enabling act of the New Jersey legislature.

1923  The New Jersey Republican, April 1923, a cover photo of Juliet Clannon Cushing (1845-1934) being congratulated for the passage of the night work bill.

1928   Whittier House Cooking Class.

1927   Florence Spearing Randolph (1866-1951). The front page of the New Jersey State Federation News, the newspaper of the NJ State Federation of Colored Women’s Clubs, with photograph of Randolph, the founder, and a history of early years of the organization, 1927.

1940   Child Labor on New Jersey Farms, 1940.

1952   Racially Integrated Classroom, Berlin Township, 1952.

1969   Copy of Telegram from Republican Congresswomen Florence Price Dwyer to President Nixon reminding him to release the report of a Task Force on Women, 1969.

1970   “Women’s March for Equality,” August 26, 1970, a photograph of marchers at the Garden State Plaza, Paramus.

1972   Male and Female Students at Rutgers College, 1972.