Native Americans

17th Century   Sarah Kiersted   Painting depicts Sarah Kiersted translating for Lenape chief Oratam. Kiersted was a Dutch housvrou in New Netherlands who learned the Lenape language and served Chief Oratam as a translator in his negotiations with Dutch colonists.

1700  Indian Mortar and Pestle   These stone tools, a well-worn mortar and pestle, were made and used by New Jersey Indians after the time of European settlement, though we do not know where nor by which group.

1700  Deed of Land Purchase     Blandina Kiersted Bayard’s Purchase of Land from the Hackensack Indians, 1700.

1710 The Schuyler Patent    Bayard built a house on the Ramapo River, in what is present-day Mahwah, which served as a trading post.

1775 Lenape Birthing  This modern drawing illustrates various birthing practices and other customs of Lenape women.

1775  Lenape Pottery    This illustration depicts various aspects of pottery making by Lenape women.