Lenape Birthing Practices, ca. 1000 to 1650, an illustration of a menstrual hut and other Lenape practices.

Lenape Pottery Making, ca. 1000 to 1650, a modern drawing depicting Lenape women making pottery.

Sarah Kiersted, 17th century, a 1936 painting of Kiersted with Chief Oratam.

1700   Deed of Purchase between Blandina Bayard and the Hackensack Indians, 1700.

1700 Mortar and pestle   These stone tools, a well-worn mortar and pestle, were made and used by New Jersey Indians after the time of European settlement, though we do not know where nor by which group.

1710  Map of the Schuyler Patent, by William Bond, 1710 Courtesy, Bergen County Deed Office, Hackensack, NJ Carol Greene, The Region Called Ramapough.