Lenape Birthing Practices, ca. 1000 to 1650, an illustration of a menstrual hut and other Lenape practices.

Lenape Pottery Making, ca. 1000 to 1650, a modern drawing depicting Lenape women making pottery.

1789   Engraving of “Washington’s Reception on the Bridge at Trenton,” 1789.

1797   Women at the Polls in New Jersey; a newspaper engraving from 1880 picturing women voting in 1797.

1843   Jarena Lee (1783-unknown), the first known woman preacher in the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

1869   Strawberry Fields, Burlington County, 1869, a Harper’s Weekly newspaper illustration.

1878   Cranberry Bog, Ocean County Pickers at Work; a newspaper illustration from Harper’s Weekly, November 10, 1878.

1885   Morris Canal Workers, 1885, an illustration from Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper.

c. 1890   Women cotton thread workers, c. 1890, an engraving of workers at the Clark Thread Company, Kearney.

c. 1901   Clara Louise Maass (1876-1901), heroic nurse who lost her life in the battle to eradicate yellow fever.

1912   Logo of the Women’s Political Union of New Jersey, 1912.

1915   “Well, Boys, we saved the home,” political cartoon.

1920   A promotional poster advertising a performance by Ruth St. Denis (1879-1968), innovative dancer and choreographer, 1920.