1923   Newspaper article by Beatrice Winser, director of Newark Public Library, 1923.

1936   Invitation to attend the organizational meeting of the World Center for Women’s Archives, 1936.

1941   100 Famous Jersey Women, news article about the World Center for Women’s Archives, 1941.

c. 1970s   Helen S. Meyner (1928-1997), Congresswoman from Phillipsburg, meeting constituents, 1970s.

1970   “Women’s March for Equality,” August 26, 1970, a photograph of archers at the Garden State Plaza, Paramus.

1972   Ann Rosensweig Klein (1923-1986), ran a gubernatorial candidate in the Democratic primary in 1972.

1972   New Directions for Women, 1972. This is the front page of the second issue, published in the Fall of 1972.