Civil Protest

1858   Lucy Stone’s Protest of Taxation Without Representation. Her letter to the tax assessor, signaling her refusal to pay property  taxes, 1858.

1868   Portia Gage Tries to Vote in Vineland. A description by an early suffragist of her attempt to vote in a municipal election, 1868.

1887   Leonora M. Barry’s Report on Women’s Work in New Jersey.  The Knights of Labor inspector of women’s work inspects Trenton, Newark, Bordentown, Lambertville and Paterson, 1887.

c. 1910   Marietta Boggio Botto and her family, ca. 1910.

1913   Elizabeth Gurley Flynn Remembers the Paterson Silk Strike. Flynn recalls strike assemblies and women’s meetings, 1913.

1913   Bill Haywood Remembers the Paterson Silk Strike. Haywood comments on women’s role in the strike, 1913.

c. 1917   Alice Paul (1885-1979) of Moorestown, militant suffragist.

1918  Julia Hurlbut of Morristown (1882 – 1962), suffragist and relief worker, photograph 1918.

1926   Striking Woolen Workers, Passaic, 1926, a photo of three young women strikers and a police officer.

1958   Dorothy Daggett Eldridge (1903-1986), the founder of the New Jersey Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy.

1970   “Women’s March for Equality,” August 26, 1970, a photograph of marchers at the Garden State Plaza, Paramus.