1770   Gravestone  for the Infant Children of Isaac and Hannah Arnett.

1806   Certificate of Abandonment, Piscataway Township, New Jersey. This document freed a slave owner from any obligations to the child born to her slave, 1806.

1828   The Manumission of Ann and Rufus Johnson.   Ann and Rufus Johnson were 14 and 15 years old respectively when New Jersey enacted gradual manumission in 1804.

1845  The Lincoln Children, a portrait painted by Susan Waters.

1865   “The Tress of Golden Hair,” by Trenton poet Ellen Clementine Howarth (1827-1899), 1865.

1866  Lily Martin Spencer (1822-1902) painting, “War Spirit at Home,” one of the most popular paintings of the mid-19th century.

1869   Strawberry Fields, Burlington County, 1869, a Harper’s Weekly newspaper illustration.

1878   Cranberry Bog, Ocean County Pickers at Work; a newspaper illustration from Harper’s Weekly, November 10, 1878.

c. 1890   Women cotton thread workers, c. 1890, an engraving of workers at the Clark Thread Company, Kearney.

1885   Morris Canal Workers, 1885, an illustration from Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper.

1887   Leonora M. Barry’s Report on Women’s Work in New Jersey.  The Knights of Labor inspector of women’s work inspects Trenton, Newark, Bordentown, Lambertville and Paterson, 1887.

1913   Elizabeth Gurley Flynn Remembers the Paterson Silk Strike. Flynn recalls strike assemblies and women’s meetings, 1913.

1913   Bill Haywood Remembers the Paterson Silk Strike. Haywood comments on women’s role in the strike, 1913.

1913   “Some Things Accomplished at Whittier House” 19th annual Report of Whittier House.

1915   Whittier House Playground for children, 1915.

1915   Whittier House Kindergarten Class, 1915.

1921   Lillian Moller Gilbreth (1878-1972), an expert in scientific management.

1926   Strikers’ Children’s Kitchen, Passaic, 1926. Photograph of children outside a relief kitchen during the Passaic woolen strike.

1940   Child Labor on New Jersey Farms, 1940.

1942   World War II Ration Book and Stamps, 1942.

1952   Racially Integrated Classroom, Berlin Township, 1952.

c. 1960s   Lena Frances Edwards, MD (1849-1941), physician and presidential Medal of Freedom honoree.

c. 1980s   Marilyn J. Morheuser (1924-1995), an influential litigator of public school finance issues.

1993        Christine Todd Whitmann (1946-). Campaign flyer, “Christie Whitman’s Blueprint for a Better Education,” 1993.