Ann Rosensweig Klein

Ann Rosensweig Klein (1923-1986)
Courtesy, League of Women Voters of New Jersey; Special
Collections/ University Archives, Rutgers University Libraries.

Ann Klein (center) of Morristown was elected president of the League of Women Voters of New Jersey in 1967 after years of activism in her local league. She left the leadership of the non-partisan League to run successfully for the state assembly in 1971. She was the first Democrat to be elected to the assembly from Morris County in 60 years. In 1973 Klein challenged the Democratic Party’s state nominating process by running for the party’s gubernatorial nomination with the backing of the Women’s Political Caucus and the New Democratic Coalition, but she was unsuccessful in her bid. She served from 1974-1981 in the cabinet of Governor Brendan T. Byrne, the successful Democratic candidate. From 1982 to 1984 she was an administrative law judge in Newark. This campaign flyer from her 1973 campaign was distributed by her Union County headquarters and outlines her legislative record and platform.