American abstract painter

American abstract painter Suzy Frelinghuysen (1911-1988).
Courtesy,  Frelinghuysen Morris Foundation
image acquired Jan. 2003


Born in 1911 into a prominent New Jersey political family, Suzy Frelinghuysen was taught by private tutors, visited Europe often and completed her education at a finishing school. Her paintings first appeared in 1935, the year she married George L.K. Morris, who, like her, painted in an abstract style.  Due to the Museum of Modern Art’s failure to recognize American abstractionists, the American Abstract Artists organization was founded and the couple were active members who often exhibited with the group. Frelinghuysen’s principle interest was in music and she starred in several Metropolitan Opera productions. Although highly successful, she retired from performing after an attack of bronchitis and continued to paint. She died in 1988.