The New Jersey Women’s History Website is a unique resource for students, teachers, visitors and all interested people who want to know more about the history of women in New Jersey.

This website was designed to provide introductory information on New Jersey women’s history – from biographies, events, objects and historic sites. We want to promote further research however, by providing primary resources, bibliographic information, and additional reference information. Finally, we hope to reach K-12 educators by providing easy access to lesson plans and educational resources that will engage developing historians in the classroom. Because New Jersey women’s history is a young field, it is constantly growing and changing. This website will do the same, so it can keep up with new information and research and update existing information.

New Jersey remains a leader in recognizing the importance of women’s contributions to our State’s history. The New Jersey Women’s History Website is one of a few women’s history websites in the nation and is notable for its extensive historical resources, lesson plans and links. It provides renewed access to the past stories of women in New Jersey and will be a timely endeavor to commemorate the women of New Jersey’s history.

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