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Jemima Condict

Image of paper from the diary of Jemima Condict

From the diary of Jemima Condict. Image courtesy of the New Jersey Historical Society, Newark, NJ

Jemima Condict (1754-1779) is an American diarist who recorded everyday life and historical events that occurred in Morristown.

The Condict family can be traced as far back as the late 1600s in Newark. Condict began her diary the year she turned eighteen and wrote in it until her death at the age of twenty-five, after bearing a child, Ira. She wrote about her life, her family, and local townspeople and commented about chores, deaths, diseases, the minister’s sermons, and the Revolutionary War.






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Questions to Explore

What are some of the things Condict used to record from her everyday life in Morristown?

What historical events does Condict write about that compare or contrast to the account of other people during the same historical events?

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