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"An Invitation Ode to a Young Lady in New York From Her Friend in the Country" 
by Annis Boudinot Stockton, New Brunswick, 1753

Oh Come Lavinia dear lov’d maid,
And taste the balmy air,
Something from yonder fragrant shade,
Which floras hand did rear.
The north wind sleeps the genial spring
New decks the peaceful grove,
While gentle zephyres [sic] rosy wind
Wafts harmony and love,
The vilets [sic] spring the hawthorn blooms
The birds bend down the spray
The roses shed their rich perfumes
Into the lap of May.
The ruddy milk maid fills her pail
The sweet delicious stream,
Makes plenty thro the house prevail
Of cheese cakes curds and cream.
Then leave the town, destracting [sic] noise
Its peagentry [sic] and pride
And taste with me those rural joys
Which only fools deride
We’ll trace the windings of the stream
On raritons [sic] fair side.
And view the moons refulgent beam
Dance on her silver tide.
Our mutual vows we’ll there repeat
At friendships sacred shrine
While heart meets heart in rapture sweet
Rembling [resembling] joys devine [sic].



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